Including Small Countries in Your world.json

The little guy is often the most important.

Reading time: about 4 minutes (835 words).

In the process of building Odyssey, I came across an omission in most of the world structures on Bl.ocks. Pretty much everyone nowadays grabs the Natural Earth ne_110m_admin_0_countries dataset, converts it to TopoJSON, throws the result to a projection such as

   d3.geo.orthographic().translate([width / 2, height / 2]).scale(width / 2 - 20).clipAngle(90)

and then move on with their lives.

But what if you care about information on this projection? What if Mike Bostock's World Tour gave you this grandiose idea of an interactive globe for your website that needs to pinpoint tiny countries like Singapore?

Using KaTeX with Hakyll

Lightning fast math rendering on the off-chance I ever get around to posting some maths.

Reading time: about 5 minutes (1032 words).

When Khan Academy initially released KaTeX 0.1.0 last year I was overjoyed. The performance comparison against MathJax was impressive and realistically the only reason MathJax has ever needed competition. For those interested in seeing the difference first hand, IntMath has a decent test suite.

Generating a Publication List From Mulitple ORCiDs

AKA getting your professors to manage their own bloody lists so you don't have to.

Reading time: about 5 minutes (1159 words).

A website for my research group outside of the bounds of our abysmal university web restrictions has been discussed for quite some time. It's genesis has only really started recently though, because I've had too many other things on my plate and no-one else has any decent web capability. Whilst I'd much prefer to use a simple static site tool or code something completely from scratch, the other members of my team really need something a bit more point and click. Plus, I'll be leaving the group soon so it's in their best interest to have a well rounded CMS interface with which they can administer the site.