Hello World

Tabula Rasa.

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In the past, my blogs have always been akin to a public, online diary. They tended to generally be inane drivel about what we got up to on Friday night. With that being said, the era I'm referring to is circa 2002; modern technology has moved on—now we have Facebook for that kind of shit.

My goals for this blog are somewhat different. I've realised that my grandiose schemes for this domain (neophilus.net) are most likely never going to happen, and my life now is considerably busier than it was back in the day. Also, no-one gives two shits about some random guys' everyday life; not unless they're a 13 yo girl swooning over a pop star.

If you are a 13 yo girl; fan-mail is appreciated, although I highly doubt you're my target audience.

I'm a physicist, interested in high performance computing, Linux, electronics, UAVs, hardware & software hacking, optimisation and science in general (I elaborate a little more on my about page). My blog will mostly be about these topics (there will likely be a few posts on ancient history or linguistics from time to time as well).

Initially, I intend Axiomatic Semantics to be a log of things I'm learning as I push through this barrier I seem to be approaching presently: a capable programmer that isn't really working on public projects at all, but feels he should be. Also, there's a massive amount of information I'm discovering as I complete my PhD, or my research work at DSTO—a lot of it I feel may be useful to others out there. There's also the added bonus of this ultimately being an easy archive for me to come back to in the future—once I've totally forgot about something and attempt to reinvent the wheel.

Bear with me for a bit whilst I get the back end set up to my liking—actual content will soon follow.