Akasha Notifier—Part I

Yet more push notifications for your phone to suppress in the name of aggressive power saving.


Making Odyssey

Why have just one semi-neglected blog platform?


Automatic Publication Lists for Zola

New name, new tricks, new templates. Same old list.

Accessing partially recursive data structures in Elm

A comment on commenting systems, implementation discussion for your discussions on implementations.

Nesting Structures from Flat Indexes

I don't always use recursion; but when I do, I don't always use recursion.

Clustering Tangent Spheres

Make yourself a little nest of eggs. Where your eggs are perfectly round and magically float in free space.


Code Coverage in Rust

Productivity tools you employ to make yourself more efficient that actually take up most of your productive time.

From Disqus to Isso

Current comment security is a sad state of affairs.


Including Small Countries in Your world.json

The little guy is often the most important.


Using KaTeX with Hakyll

Lightning fast math rendering on the off-chance I ever get around to posting some maths.

Generating a Publication List From Mulitple ORCiDs

AKA getting your professors to manage their own bloody lists so you don't have to.

Makefiles Revisited

The rabbit hole keeps getting deeper and deeper. But I like what they've done with the place...


Converting 4K Content for Samsung UHD Televisions

That is, until the Samsung firmware actually supports their own containers...

Coloured Tables for the Memoir Class

So long as that colour isn't yellow. I hate yellow.

Easy Matlabpool Configuration

Dive in without caring how deep it is.


Workman layout for Vim

For those of us who REALLY need to type using three layouts.

Unveiling some Makefile Black Magic

Go back to the shadows.

Using datatool and TikZ to generate figures from data

Or just use print screen and MS Paint, you know, what ever is easiest...

Octopress and jQuery

It's always the little things that take hours to figure out.

Hello World

Tabula Rasa.